Saturday, 16 January 2010

Who showed you how to work the needles?*

In my current spirit of trying new things, I stopped by a charity shop on Friday and bought myself a new hobby. The lady behind the counter was very helpful and encouraging in the face of my cluelessness and I went away with a smile on my face, a bag of blue wool and a pair knitting needles. (I'm pretty sure real knitters don't put their new wool on the floor to take photos but I have years more photography than knitting behind me so I did.)

Next stop was this website to refresh my memory - the last time I tried to knit was when I was about six or seven. It took a few goes, but I'm getting the hang of the rhythm now. Poke, loop, hook, pull, slip, poke, loop, hook, pull, slip.

After a phone conversation with my mum this afternoon I have decided that after I learn casting off, I should try pearl stitch. Oh and that my sister also knits and is part way through a scarf. She can be my instructress if the website fails me on pearl-ing. So far I have learned not to make the stitches to tight as it makes it very hard when you get to the next row? Does anyone have any knitting tips for me?

*Kudos to anyone who can tell me which film the title of this post is a quotation from.


  1. Oooh. I think my mom tried to show me how to knit a while back and I just am hopeless. Neat that you can tho. And pretty pic!

  2. Never Been Kissed *holds out hand for Kudos*

  3. Ah you can join our knitting club. I still have an unfinished penguin I need to knit. It needs eyes. I have some great patters for cute little toys that are really easy if you want to look :)

  4. That's brilliant!!! How very exciting! That is something I would love to learn to do and what a good idea to scour charity shops! One of my colleagues recently made a really cute scarf and she said it was easier to start with chunky wool and big needles, because it's less fiddly...

  5. i like your new blog look - particularly how you incorporate the blue of the bluebelles into the actual blogging area. isn't it fun to have a new look every so often??

  6. yay! you put patterns in and changed the title font!! :D i like it much better now! hot stuff! hot stuff? hehe

    oh Knitting... my friend Kelly got into it and now she is a total knitting-head!!! she has so many types of needles and yarns and can talk about it for ages its quite interesting! I think its one of those things you can either get properly obsessed with or really frustrated with if u cant do it and just stop and start. I reckon you might be the former hehe! I went into a knitting/haberdashery shop at lunch today and there is so much variety in yarns and accessories etc so cool! Enjoy!!!! Xx

  7. Yay for a wonderful new hobby!!! I'm currently conquering crocheting. Perhaps next winter, I can try knitting too.

  8. My sister has been doing a lot of knitting lately. She really enjoys it and has knit both herself and her boyfriends hats and also little phone socks for my mum and myself. They're really good and rather intricate. I'm sure she love to knit with you sometime. Also there's a knitting club at St Js - mainly older people - Thursdays, 3pm (though you probably knew that since it was in Transform this month!). I'm sure they would love younger members and I'm trying to persuade my sister to go if she doesn't have lectures!
    Blue Eyes xx


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