Thursday, 14 January 2010

Look! A New Look...

I didn't intend to give my blog a makeover this evening. It just kind of evolved. I'll just change this...and this...and this. And then T came home and helped me change all the things I wanted to but was struggling with. I will do some more tweaking over the next couple of watch this space. But right now it's time to eat so I'm stopping. Let me know if you like it (or if you don't, try to be kind), or if you have any problems with it and I'll try and fix them.


  1. Oooh I like the new look! I liked the old one too tho. :)

  2. I like it! I need a blog makeover badly, so now I'm jealous...

  3. Looks fabulous! I love the Label Cloud. How did you do that? Isn't it crazy how just one click can lead to hours and hours of puttering around? Am with you in that boat.

  4. aww cool, I like everything apart from the Title Box thingy where it says Leaves in the Spring! it looks a bit newsy and serious :| But otherwise I like the fonts etc! Ooh and it's a bit white and plain, can you put some patterns in like down the side or something?? Hehe hope you appreciate my honest comments... what are friends for :p Xx


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