Friday, 29 January 2010

Moments of Days

As I walked to work yesterday the smell of woodsmoke hung in the air.

The sunlight was pale and gave the world a whitewashed glow.

T pointed out raindrops on bare tree branches that gave them the look of being covered in hundreds of tiny fairy lights.

Rain is dotting on my window panes. I got up to take a photo and saw a turquoise van parked outside. I snapped just fast enough.

Only minutes later the sun is out radiating warm light over the soaked ground.

A cup of tea and a chocolate muffin are my next stop before I start working on new creations and inventions.

January was made up of small moments. It was a gentle introduction to this year, which is already filling up with holidays and plans, beginnings and endings. The big things explode into our lives but sometimes it's the small moments that give life its magic and glitter. What moments have been making your days sparkle?


  1. Awww sounds like January has been fabulous. Hope the rest of your year is just as lovely.

  2. I love your description of January as being 'a gentle introduction to this year' - beautifully put!
    Also, I love the turquoise van - it makes the raindrops look even more brilliant.

  3. wow, where can i get a turquoise van!?

    sparkling moments this week: chasing my baby boy up and down the stairs. how did he learn to scale entire flights of stairs so quickly? seriously, i can't even blink for fear of missing something.


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