Thursday, 11 March 2010

Art Challenge - Day 2

A busy Thursday today, so I thought I'd share one of my favourite projects with you, in keeping with the book/art/making theme. This is my recipe book, started shortly after we got married.

Some of the recipes are from my Mum. This one is an old favourite that reminds me of home, and is in my opinion the best fruit cake recipe ever.

This one is from T's Mum, and is the only recipe in the book I've never actually made. I love this dessert when she makes it and I'm worried that if I make it sucessfully I'll eat it every week and end up too round to leave the house.

This one was discovered at university, passed from person to person in our church and friendship group.

Some are from friends. This one was made for us on a great holiday we took last year, and after tasting it I had to add it to the book.

Some are very short, and don't really need to be written down, but I like having them in there. It's not just a reminder of the ingredients, quantities and method, sometimes it's just good for inspiration.

A few of them have pictures. This recipe is from the internet, and one I've shared before.

So that's my BOOK for today - a growing collection of memories and inspiration. Do you have a recipe I should try out and maybe add to the book?

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  1. Do you have my brownie recipe in there?
    And if you don't have a gingerbread man recipe, I can give you a great one-it's a necessity for mums ;)


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