Thursday, 11 March 2010

Art Challenge - BOOK

Once again, my eye has been caught by one of Kal's arty challenges. This one is called Art 5 days - 5 ways. You pick a word - mine is BOOK. And then interpret it in a different arty way for the next 5 (week) days. If you were going to do the challenge (and please tell me if you do!), what would your word be?

Yesterday was Day 1 and as I found some chalk while tidying up I decided to make that the first medium. I'm not very good at drawing, and don't do it very often, but as the point of the challenge is trying things out I gave it a go anyway...

{The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Red Lotus and Her Fearful Symmetry}


  1. Like the pic, but can't stand the feel of chalk!!

  2. i think this is really neat! i never would have thought do draw with chalk - how awesome!
    my word is books too!

  3. who randomly has chalk lying around?! (you, apparently).

    I don't think this picture really showcases the skills honed in your Art GCSE but I am already loooking forward to the next interpretation of Books! xx

  4. L.C.T. - me neither, I had to wash my hands straight afterwards!

    Radiantreflections - Thanks! And I'd love to see how differently you've interpreted it, I'll visit your blog!

    Shiv - I think my Art GCSE "skills" were pretty limited! And I know, I was surprised when I found it too!


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