Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Devon Heaven

We just spent a lovely long weekend in Devon, and had some beautiful sunshine, which meant lots and lots of photo taking. So here are some of my highlights of the weekend...

The sunrise on Saturday morning.

We went for a long walk along the coast. The hills were pretty steep but once you got to the top, the views were amazing. I love how the iron in the soil not only makes the cliffs look red, but the shallow water near their base looks pink.

Over the years, people have carved all sorts of names, dates, pictures and messages into the soft rock of the cliff. The earliest one we spotted was from 1946. This area is called the Jurassic coast, because the rocks and fossils found date it back that far.

There is so much history here, and I love that you can see the marks that people have made on the coastline too. I guess it could be called vandalism, but to me it looked much more like art.

Our cottage was a converted barn, and so lovely for two people. We had a kitchen with an aga (which was lovely to stand by when you got back from a chilly walk), a big living room on the second floor, and up a small flight of stairs from that was the bedroom with stargazing windows. It was so fun to lie in bed and let your eyes adjust to the darkness, gradually watching the stars appear. My favourite area though was this little nook, which came off the living room and faced over the valley.

On Sunday morning we took our breakfast there to eat, and it was just perfect, watching the birds swoop over the hills, with the sun streaming in the windows whilst eating croissants and drinking tea.

It was a perfect, beautiful weekend - and although it was just four days, it was so relaxing, and readied us both for some busy weeks to come.


  1. Sounds amazing!! I want to go there! I've never heard of soft rock- I think it looks like art too.

  2. That looks so beautiful- what a perfect weekend!

  3. That sunrise looks so sweet!

  4. beautiful pictures - looks like you had a great time!

  5. looks idyllic. jealous :( glad u enjoyed it tho!

    and yay for the return of your blog :) xxxxxx


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