Friday, 19 March 2010

Castles in the Air

As part of my art/book project last week I wanted to do some painting. And it kind of hijacked the project, meaning that it took me about ten days instead of five, and I only actually produced two bits of art. I finally finished the painting last night and now it's time to share again.

The book is Little Women, an old favourite I rediscovered last summer, and these two pages are where the girls are discussing their dreams, and how they want their lives to turn out - what they call their "castles in the air". Some of them change what they are aiming for, others achieve what they hope for. And as I painted, I came up with my own castle. Just a little one. But one day I would like our own house. And in that house I'm dreaming of a wall of bookshelves. A little like this one:

Only more full of books. But like in this picture, it will also have photo frames, and vases, and sections that will break it up and make it look pretty. And in one of those sections, I'm going to put my painting. And that, lovely readers, is my castle in the air.


  1. I LOVE IT! Little Women is a favorite of mine too!

  2. Oh that is a beautiful looking room, I want one too!

  3. We can definitely get a big bookcase - I'm sure we'll need it :-) I'm not sure about having the two branches on top of it though... Where are we going to put your picture in the meantime?

  4. That is a lovely picture, belle! If you need a place to keep it...:)
    I think you know my current 'castle in the air'- right now it's seeming rather high up and unattainable. I would also like a house with a library!

  5. great painting!
    i like all the negative space with a bit of the book at the corner. the empty space can be filled with dreams


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