Thursday, 25 March 2010

Comings, Goings and Changes

New things are starting everywhere I look, friends are having babies, getting engaged and moving house. One (relatively new) friend left to go home to Italy today, which meant a joyously tearful and laughter filled goodbye lunch at work. Afterwards, as I walked up the hill to my other work, I started thinking about comings and goings and new beginnings (timely, as Easter is just around the corner).

Spring is well and truly arriving around here, and is sweeping winter into yesterday. We had days too warm and sunny to even carry a coat, which tricked me in to not taking a coat to work today - cue grey clouds and heavy downpour. The daffodils are blooming and the bulbs by our front door are growing fast.

This year feels like the beginning of so many things - we may buy our own home, I will be starting a new course, and my sister will be starting university. At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty, especially for her - not knowing where she will be spending the next few years. I remember that feeling. If you're anything like me (and she is), you like to think ahead, prepare yourself and plan - and right now, she's only able to do that in the broadest way. It's a time to both cling to what you have, savouring the moments, and also to take a deep breath to step out into the next stage. She'll do fine. It's in these times of unsteadiness, where everything in the world feels flimsy and out of reach, that we learn to depend on God the most.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" Ecclesiastes 3 v.1


  1. That's funny that you've been noticing that... same over here. Pregnancies, engagements... it's kind of overwhelming. Exciting that there are changes for you too - that's awesome. I feel like there are never any changes for me and that's bumming me out a bit.

  2. I really liked reading the last paragraph of this blog. I find it ringing true in my own life too (must catch you up!). I am trying to just put my trust in God's hands that He has everything mapped out even though we are unsure what lies ahead. :) Xx

  3. "It's in these times of unsteadiness, where everything in the world feels flimsy and out of reach, that we learn to depend on God the most."

    So true. I'm right there, & trying to put my trust in Him. It's so scary at times, but such a reassurance to know that we're not in complete control. i.e. we screw up but God still carries out His plan!


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