Wednesday, 21 April 2010

This Week

- We had pancakes to start Lazy Saturday. Maple syrup or lemon and sugar?

{Pancakes English style.}

- Then we scrapped Lazy Saturday in favour of Long Walk in the Sun Saturday. The world is beautiful.

{Blossom close up, blossom on tree, orange stems, tree and blue sky, leaves and sunlight, daffodils.}

- We ate our first ice creams of the year.


- The sun dazzled me into thinking flip flips were a good choice for work. They were. Leaving my cardigan at home was not a good choice. Summer hasn't quite arrived yet.

{Bare feet.}

- The spring leaves are bursting out in the trees by our house.

- I have been trampolining, walking, laughing, painting, cleaning, making cards and reading. I have been planning holidays, dinners, birthdays, days out and house visits. This week will be great.


  1. Oh, that all just sounds soooo lovely. I'm officially jealous!

  2. Those pancakes look delish & your photography is beautiful :)


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