Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Big Blog Card Swap Show and Tell!

The Big Blog Card Swap is finished now, and hopefully everyone has received and sent their cards! Here are some of the cards people have received, thank you for blogging about them ladies...

Hannelore from Paper, Beads and Inspiration sent this card to Sketchstitch who posted about it here.

{I love the perfect folding of the paper. It's simply lovely.}

Hannelore herself received this sweet card from Hilary at Molly Moo designs.

{That owl is adorable, and it is a lovely touch to include a sticker to seal the envelope.}

Pam received this card from Sarah at DottyDaisies:

{Sarah has used so much recyled stuff in this card - recycled card, sheep poo paper and old catalogues!}

Pam sent one to Myfanwy:

{I love how the flower picture tones with the card, so pretty.}

Sarah, my co-organiser received this card from Helen and posted about it here:

{So creative to mix media and use embroidery in a card design, thanks for the inspiration Helen!}

Kellie sent me this card:

{I love the matching gift tag with this, and that Kellie has used a card which has two flaps opening in the front, so unusual.}

I sent Vicky this card which she posted about here:

{Glad she liked it, I had fun making it!}

Vicky sent Kellie this card:

{This design is from Vicky's anonymity range, I love her style!}

Marice posted about the card she received from Mary at Quite Contrary Crafts here:

{I love that the simplicity of the colours, without embellishments makes the cutout the centre of Mary's designs, it's beautiful.}

Marice also posted about the card she sent Jenny:

{Those buttons are great, I love how the colours tone in this one.}

Jenny and her daughter Dakota get special mentions for being our furthest away participants, they live in New Zealand!

Thank you to everyone who took part and Sarah for being my lovely partner in this. We've had a few requests for another swap so keep your eyes open...!


  1. thank you, your photo of my card looks far better than mine did, Ive already blogged about the great card i got from Vicki @ Accidentalvix but will include a link back to your blog in my next posting...thank you again and Im glad you liked the card, Kellie xx (itsthelittlethings)

  2. The cards all look lovely, all so different, really enjoyed taking part (I did post a card out but never heard anymore, hope it got there ok) I loved the card I got from Hannelore xx

  3. It's good seeing the different styles of card making, and I really enjoyed taking part. I love swaps, they are such good fun :)

  4. Wow these are all amazing-such a wide variety of styles. My favourite is the owl one :)
    Well done to everyone xxx


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