Monday, 17 May 2010

Squishy, Nemo and the Big Blue

I met up with some school friends this weekend in London which was great. I'm so terrible at keeping in touch with people so to actually see these girls was fantastic. Although there were a couple of "have we not seen each other since your wedding" moments, it was actually Christmas 2008 the last time I saw some of them. Which is still way too long ago. But anyway, we caught up and it was fun. Five years since our school days. We ate way too much chinese food, giggled our way round the London Aquarium (looking out for the pretty and the weird fish), and then ate five donuts and a huge bag of candyfloss between us while reminiscing about sports day ice creams, Paris and reunions.

The cameras were out in full force in the aquarium so here are some of my favourite fishies...

The jellyfish tanks were lit up with pretty colour changing lights which really made them look lovely. Their movement is so smooth and elegant, they're quite hypnotic to watch...

The sting rays were fun to watch, they would come right to the edges of the tanks so you could see their mouths right under their bodies. I have no idea why this frog was in a sea life centre but his colours and pattern were so bright I couldn't resist including him. Also, he was tiny, about the size of a 50p coin. Assorted other creatures...

{Sting ray, hammerhead shark, fish and light, starfish, spiky fish, seahorse, frog, tank, ray.}

My favourite of all were the two green sea turtles swooping around the main tank. At one point they touched noses as if kissing, and then swished off again to carry on swimming...

They were hard subjects to take photos of - let alone the fact that they're fast, darting here and there, and a lot of the pretty fish are quite small, the lighting was also dim, and the sides of the tanks were sometimes scratched. But it was fun, and I was pleased to get a few good shots - this kind of thing is where being able to take two hundred photos is fantastic. You end up with maybe twenty you love but it is worth it in the end.


  1. I have always secretly wanted to live in the ocean... I'm absolutely fascinated by aquatic life. Beautiful photos!

  2. I love watching marine life in huge aquariums because I'm so terrified of the ocean! I'm glad you got to see your friends- time just flies these days.

  3. these are all so amazing, what gorgeous pics!!

  4. Hey!! You got well good pics! such are the benefits of having a fancy SLR! I didnt even see the little tiny froggy, if i had I proabably would've gone "ewww" just like I did to most other things there hehe! Xx


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