Friday, 14 May 2010


We got two wedding invitations in the post last week and so I spent some time on Friday making RSVP cards. I decided to make little cards and used some with apertures that Mum had passed on to me months ago. I trimmed them down a little so they would fit in some small square envelopes (which happened to be left over from the RSVP cards and envelopes we sent out with our invitations!).

I tried to match each one to the wedding invitation and theme. With one that was easy, I know plenty about the wedding, it has a green theme, the invitations had hearts on. Easy peasy.

{Doubling up the hearts adds a bit more interest.}

The other one was slightly harder. It was just a thick sheet of paper with the words printed on. Very simple and classy, giving nothing away before the big day. So I came up with a simple design to use on both, and for the second one just used neutral colours and wedding papers.

{The hearts are punched from a wedding favour box I saved from one of the weddings we went to in December. I love the black and gold together.}


Thanks for reading! What are you thinking?


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