Monday, 3 May 2010

Birthday Round Up

We're relaxing today after a great weekend of celebrations and fun. We started on Friday with dinner with T's parents. I had made birthday cake, and cooked duck legs for dinner which were lovely. It was a new recipe but it's one we're already looking forward to having again, and it has gone in my book.

{Dinner table, flowers, banner, balloons and cards, wine, present opening, champagne, candles, cake.}

We saw friends on Saturday and went out for dinner for a joint birthday celebration - a lovely meal at a chinese restaurant. Then cake and a walk home in the rain which was more fun than it sounds. Sunday meant church, lunch with just the two of us and then more games and fun with our friends (and some holiday planning thrown in for good measure).

Today we are enjoying our extra day of weekend. The sun is working hard to break through the clouds. Here goes May...

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  1. yay i'm glad you mananged to have a nice Chinese meal despite obstacles along the way!! Sounds like you gave Tom a lovely birthday weekend :) Xx


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