Friday, 7 May 2010

I Am

*Waiting waiting waiting. To hear about my course, to see houses, for lunchtime, for holidays, for a result in my country's election. My waiting is active, patient, impatient, trusting and hopeful.

*Making and crafting. I have been working on a couple of cards that will be shared next week. I'm enjoying a couple of new punches I picked up from Tescos. Their craft section is basic but well worth checking out for bargains.

*Cold. And resisting putting the heating on. I am wearing slippers and a thick jumper and I can do without it.

*Reading. For fun I am reading Remember Me by Melvyn Bragg. A friend also lent me God on Mute and God Is Closer Than You Think. I am tentatively dipping my toes into the world of Christian writing and so far I am loving it.

*Looking Forward. To weekend plans with T. The theatre, dinner out, a house viewing, church and seeing friends. Wondering what you wear to the theatre?

{White flowers by the river.}

*Loving. Life, adventures, newness, change, growth, the challenges ahead.


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