Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Catching Up

The weekend by the sea was just wonderful. It wasn't even a whole weekend, we drove down to Eastbourne on Friday evening. The weather had been sizzling all day, and even the evening as we sat and drank wine, ate dinner and caught up on the last few months of life the heat was still hanging heavily in the air. We got to bed late, and slept til about nine in the morning.

We were visiting E and B. E didn't quite live with me at university but it was close. We always say that she was our almost housemate. She and B got married just before last Christmas. E took us out on the South Downs in the morning for a walk along the cliffs, and then we all met up for a lunch in a pub garden. Then we carried on for another walk along the seafront with ice creams. B had to go, so the three of us wandered along at a leisurely pace before heading back to the flat.

We had dinner and watched Hancock, which if you haven't seen it is really quite funny and a good film. It appeals to boys and girls, and in my book that's a winner. We went home late Saturday, sunburned, tired and happy. The icing on the day was that we drove off into the sunset which was gorgeous and not too blinding for driving. Just perfect.

You may have noticed the lack of photos. I charged the camera battery and then left it at home at the last minute. It's been a long time since I was in a new (oh so pretty place) without my camera. On the one hand it was lovely - I just enjoyed the weekend in the moment, spending time relaxing. On the other hand - I'm a little sad not to have photos of the weekend, and to have missed the chance to take them - no shells, no sand, no waves, no windswept hair, no happy faces. I'll just have to look back on those things in my memory. Until the next time we visit them of course.

This week is busy. After the relaxed weekend (we stayed home on Sunday and listened to the church service online - I have to admit that the sunburn was a little painful!) this week is just go go go. Busy days and evenings, until Friday when we are taking another trip to spend the long weekend with my family. Can't wait!

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