Friday, 4 June 2010

Sea, sand...maybe some sun?

Last year we spent a lovely relaxed week on a boat with some friends. We saw ducklings, herons, herons eating ducklings (that one was traumatic), villages, towns, sun, rain...all as we drifted by. It was a great week.

{Scenes from past last year.}

In fact, it was so good, we're going away with them again. We survived being cooped up together in a boat, so tonight we will be setting off for Anglesey. This year we even have a house. It is so beautiful and I am so excited that tomorrow morning I will be waking up there...

{Scenes from past Wales holidays.}

Have a good week everyone! While I'm away I've set up a few of my favourite holiday photos to appear, so you can all enjoy some beautiful sea, sand and sun too!

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  1. Have a lovely time! I hope the weather's beautiful for you :)

    Sarah x


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