Friday, 13 August 2010


We've been back from holiday almost a week now and I haven't written about it. It was our second anniversary on Monday...and I haven't written about it. I read three books while we were away, have new projects on the go, and none of it has made it to here. And that's not going to change today.

Things are busy here, everyone has deadlines looming, countdowns going and a million things to do. I remember when the summer holidays seemed to stretch ahead long and calm. Today they seem hectic and bursting - and in some ways September will be the calm after the whirlwind. It's a good whirlwind though. Some of the changes are a struggle at the moment but will be good when they come to fruition. We just have to be patient.

In another week we'll be on holiday again - this time with T's family. I'm hoping I will have caught up with myself a bit by then. But if not, everything will be fine anyway.


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