Saturday, 14 August 2010


Can you guess what T gave me for our anniversary?

{Sewing fun.}

We had a lovely evening just the two of us. I made good use of my Good Food magazine and cooked pork chops with potato slices and caramelised carrots and onions. We ate with flowers on the table and the windowsil, and then snuggled down on the sofa with dessert and a film.

{Dessert, dinner, flowers.}

{Last year - Paper-iversary}.


  1. Is that the pair of jeans that ended up in the bin? :(
    Better luck next time...!
    Love the photo of the sewing machine needle btw - shiny! Xx

  2. that's so exciting! what type is it? now that you have one, and sacha has one and I have one, we should totally have a crafternoon sometime soon!


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